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150mm (6") IBC fast fil ...150mm (6 £29.79
2" Camlock Coupler x 3/ ...2 £13.30

What's HotIBC fittings

The largest range of IBC adaptors in the world

CPP develops, designs and manufactures the largest range of polymer IBC accessories in the world today.

We developed our first range in the early nineties and introduced Camlock, pipe threads and hose tail adapters for the most common application. Since then we have added fittings, valves and vents every year to give our customers the largest choice available any where in the world, straight from our warehouses in the UK and USA.


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12.5mm Hozelock adapter ...12.5mm Hozelock adapter x S60X6 female £6.72 £5.04
You Save: 25.00%
1” trigger nozzle X 2 ...1” trigger nozzle X 2” Camlock coupler £87.75 £58.79
You Save: 33.00%
2" Part 'HA', 2" NPT ma ...2 £6.72
1” Dry-Shut male adap ...1” Dry-Shut male adapter X 1” BSP female £16.00

New ComerNew Products

150mm (6") IBC fast fil ...150mm (6 £29.79

FeaturedBest Product

1” trigger nozzle X S ...1” trigger nozzle X S60X6 female £87.75 £58.79
You Save: 33.00%


2" Part 'A', 2" Camlock ...2 £6.72

Best Seller

2'' Part 'A', 2'' Camlo ...2'' Part 'A', 2'' Camlock adapter x S60X6 female buttress, C/W s £6.72
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